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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I do not like having terms and conditions however experience has taught me that it is something that we need to include. I try and give customers a competitive quote at all times; for example I might quote you 25 to transport your sofa from A to B however if you fail to tell me that the sofa needs lifting over a balcony then carrying 200 yards around a back garden or it will be a 20 minute job to take fixtures and fittings out then I haven't taken any of that into account and it will probably mean I am late for my next job.

  • When you receive your quote it will be based on the information you have given us. Each quotation is unique to your requirements, if you tell us that you only have 5-6 bags or boxes then this is what we expect to find when we arrive.
  • Bags and boxes must not be too heavy for one person to lift. An average person can lift a box no heavier than 15 kilo, this is around your weight allowance for a suitcase on a plane. This does not mean that we wont take heavier boxes, it just means we have quoted for 3 boxes in the past only to find the boxes were the size of a washing machine and far too heavy to lift.
  • Drawers must be empty where possible, if you have left drawers full of items or clothing they will be treated as extra items.
  • Any items that require dismantling must be done prior to us arriving unless already agreed otherwise.
  • Unless specified on the quotation form we will assume that it is possible to park outside of both addresses.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure large items such as sofas fit into the destination address. We do not remove doors or windows and although we endeavour to get your larger items into your home we allocate no longer than 10 minutes attempting to get them into the house.
  • Removals - If we need to wait for keys you must advise us at the time of requesting a quote. Quotes are on the assumption that we can load the van one end and immediately unload it the other. If we have to wait for keys it means we cannot book other people in later during the day. We have known keys to be made available as early as 11.00am before but more often than not it is nearer 3.00pm
  • After accepting our quote you must advise us if you remember any additional items before we arrive.
  • Cleared funds on completion - This can be in the form of a cleared cheque 24 hours before we arrive, cleared bank transfer the evening before or cash on the day. Paypal can be accepted as long as you cover the PayPal charges.
  • Deposits are not generally requested however we may request one if the starting journey is outside of Northampton
Goods In Transit Insurance
  • We provide 2000 of insurance cover for your items with our goods in transit insurance providing all belongings are correctly packaged.
  • TV's are included ONLY if they are packaged in their original boxes or a protective cover as supplied by Packing Boxes.
  • If you select to load the van yourself on the hourly option then we are not responsible for ANY breakages.
  • Items other than soft furnishings are not covered if they are in black bin bags, all loose items should be boxed in correct removal type boxes and securely taped closed.

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If you have several items to be moved please be as accurate as possible. We quote on the amount of time, effort and total distance as well as the fuel used for a round trip.
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